Is your meat halal?

We do not sell any products that have been ritually slaughtered, all the abattoir suppliers we work with use the stun method. Unless the product on the website specifies it is halal, then you should presume it is non-halal. 

We can source halal products, and we do work with abattoirs that are certified as 'halal' but they do not ritually slaughter, and/or sell both halal and non-halal products. As such, if you want guaranteed halal or non-halal products, hand on heart we are probably not the best place for you to buy meat.

We don't want this to appear that we are turning your business away, we just want to be honest with you, as we know halal and non-halal is a priority for some people. We like to think we provide really great tasting meat at a good price that is fair on the farmer and the customer, but we appreciate this model isn't for everyone, and some people have specific requirements.

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